Definition of mygalomorph in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmiɡələˌmôrf/ /ˈmɪɡələˌmɔrf/


  • A large spider of a group that includes the tarantulas and funnel-web spiders. Mygalomorphs have several primitive features, including fangs that stab downward rather than toward one another.

    Suborder Mygalomorphae, order Araneae

    ‘Previously, the earliest known mygalomorphs, described in 1990, were about 100 million years old.’
    • ‘To imitate a mygalomorph, put your index and middle fingers in front of your mouth and move them up and down.’
    • ‘Female tarantulas like other mygalomorphs are able to moult after reaching maturity.’
    • ‘These spiders are easily distinguished from the mygalomorphs because they move their jaws sideways, like a pair of pliers.’
    • ‘All mygalomorphs have two pairs of ventral booklungs that operate on the principle of infusion rather than the more efficient system of inhalation.’


1920s from modern Latin Mygalomorphae, from Greek mugalē ‘shrew’ + morphē ‘form’.