Definition of mynheer in English:



(also mijnheer)
  • 1As a polite or respectful form of address to a Dutchman or an Afrikaner: sir, mister (Mr). Also used as a title or sometimes substituted for the name of the man or the pronoun that would stand for this. In British use often humorous or ironic.

  • 2A Dutchman, an Afrikaner; especially one who is a gentleman. Occasionally collectively: the Dutch, the Afrikaners.



/mʌɪnˈhɛː/ /meɪnˈhɪə/ /məˈnɪə/


Early 17th century; earliest use found in John Marston (bap. 1576, d. 1634), poet and playwright. From Dutch mijnheer, mynheer, meneer Mr, sir, gentleman from mijn + heer lord, master, perhaps after Middle French, French monseigneur, monsieur.