Definition of mystagogue in English:



  • A teacher or propounder of mystical doctrines.

    ‘John the Evangelist thus becomes the perfect type of the mystic, and also the perfect mystagogue, teacher of the mystical path.’
    • ‘He imagines the church as a community of ‘mystagogues,’ attuned, disciplined, perceptive and nimble.’
    • ‘And, as I have argued elsewhere, Mallarme does not hesitate to appropriate for himself the status of the mystagogue / joker that many of his contemporaries perceive him to be.’
    • ‘If anyone can detect a connection between such sophomoric shock effects and justify six further irrelevant minor characters, he's a better man than this critic, and a more accomplished mystagogue than this author.’



/ˈmistəˌɡäɡ/ /ˈmɪstəˌɡɑɡ/


Mid 16th century from French, or via Latin from Greek mustagōgos, from mustēs ‘initiated person’ + agōgos ‘leading’.