Definition of mythically in English:



See mythical

‘The past as Joyce envisaged it can be evoked as a persistent and even powerful residue in what is now present; but it will not be idealized or mythically glamorized.’
  • ‘Most verse (especially well-made free verse), given the tension between the line and the sentence, has about it a centrifugal force of push and pull that mythically enacts the gravity of an eternal return.’
  • ‘Definitional whirlpools and methodological monsters have realistically, not mythically, engulfed many reviewers and researchers.’
  • ‘So, to recognize that we are all capable of living mythically allows people involved in activism to be able to reach out to people and get them involved.’
  • ‘This has served mythically as a metaphor for the birth of the continent of Europe.’



/ˈmiTHək(ə)lē/ /ˈmɪθək(ə)li/