Definition of mythomaniac in English:


noun & adjective

See mythomania

‘He learns that Sheikh has a terrifying laugh, that he is a mythomaniac who uses pseudonyms, first telling Pearl that his name is Bashir, then Shabir.’
  • ‘The daily newspaper Le Figaro quoted an unidentified source close to the woman as saying she was a ‘mythomaniac’.’
  • ‘But maybe there's something just a little bit mad about these people, a little bit mythomaniac about them.’
  • ‘The mythomaniac, due to his inability to deal with facts, is eventually cured if you keep putting enough facts in front of him.’
  • ‘More important, Wells presents the data that make the case that Ellsberg is a mythomaniac and a poseur.’



/ˌmiTHəˈmānēˌak/ /ˌmɪθəˈmeɪniˌæk/