Definition of myxoma in English:


nounplural noun myxomas, plural noun myxomata/-mətə/

  • A benign tumor of connective tissue containing mucous or gelatinous material.

    ‘They are the third most common primary cardiac tumors after myxomas and lipomas, accounting for 7% of all primary cardiac tumors.’
    • ‘The most common benign intracardiac tumors are myxomas.’
    • ‘Searching for the source of embolic material resulted in the discovery of a cardiac myxoma in the left atrium.’
    • ‘The radiographic differential diagnosis included odontogenic myxoma, desmoplastic fibroma, and myofibromatosis.’
    • ‘Surgical excision gives excellent short-term and long-term results that lead to an eventual cure of nonfamilial myxomas.’



/mikˈsōmə/ /mɪkˈsoʊmə/