Definition of myxovirus in English:



  • Any of a group of RNA viruses including the influenza virus.

    ‘On the other hand, Flu is caused by a virus called myxovirus which spreads faster than the common cold virus.’
    • ‘This realization of the helical symmetry of the myxoviruses laid the foundation for the understanding of the symmetry of other complex groups of viruses such as rabies virus and granulosis virus.’
    • ‘These results suggested that possible precursor viruses for highly pathogenic avian myxoviruses are still brought into Japan by migratory waterfowls.’
    • ‘This test has been found to be a simple and useful means of detecting foci of infection by myxoviruses in tissue culture monolayers.’
    • ‘Eventually a virus with morphological and biochemical properties of certain myxoviruses was isolated and was tentatively placed in the paramyxovirus subgroup.’



/ˈmiksōˌvīrəs/ /ˈmɪksoʊˌvaɪrəs/