Definition of N-word in English:



  • Used instead of or in reference to the word “nigger” because of its taboo nature.

    • ‘I can't believe he used the N-word in front of her’
    • ‘Professor Kennedy says that the N-word is just another word for ‘pal’ these days.’
    • ‘The word rolled off my tongue like the N-word would.’
    • ‘But then, what if that N-word is spoken by a hip-hop artist instead of a KKK member?’
    • ‘While most African Americans cringe when a white person utters the so-called N-word, many give black entertainers like Rock a special dispensation to use it.’
    • ‘But adherence to the Other N-word only goes so far.’
    • ‘In her telling, the N-word never comes up, even indirectly, but it looms large as day-to-day details of the players' actions and theories build up.’
    • ‘It's great stuff, even if they do use the N-word.’
    • ‘While the debate rages on about the use of the N-word, what a lot of people are failing to see is the die-hard truth behind her sketches.’
    • ‘I'd love to see a politician use the N-word at a Black History Month dinner and live to tell the tale.’
    • ‘The appreciation for and tolerance of being called the N-word by anyone and for whatever reason, is tantamount to accepting the moniker of monkey, baboon or some other primate to which Blacks have offensively been compared.’
    • ‘In fact in America they use the N-word and that gives me goosebumps.’
    • ‘What I really liked, from my white boy point-of-view, was Eddie taking a brief second to explain his continual usage of the N-word: because its power is lessened the more it's used.’
    • ‘On March 4, Senator Smith, not once but twice used the N-word on television.’
    • ‘Clearly the N-word still carries a stigma here.’
    • ‘The N-word should not be spoken in polite liberal company.’
    • ‘Better to get slurs like the N-word out in the open, the thinking goes, than to regulate them.’
    • ‘I don't imagine he would use the N-word to describe a black person, or that they would publish it.’
    • ‘I remember walking in one day and the kids had written the N-word on the blackboard to insult me.’
    • ‘Despite the fact that the N-word is used in entirely negative terms in American political and strategic debate, ‘nation-building’ interventions have become steadily more frequent in the 1990s.’
    • ‘The American South carries the stain of slavery still, marking the psyche of every white man who uses the N-word and every black woman who suffers abuse.’