Definition of nagana in English:



  • A disease of cattle, antelope, and other livestock in southern Africa, characterized by fever, lethargy, and edema, and caused by trypanosome parasites transmitted by the tsetse fly.

    ‘The tsetse fly carries the trypanosome parasite, which causes sleeping sickness in humans and nagana in livestock.’
    • ‘Tsetse flies that infect cattle with nagana (animal trypanosomosis) have been ‘all but eradicated from Zimbabwe's farming areas’ he says.’
    • ‘Further north the scourge of tsetse fly, vector of the disease nagana, limited the use of cattle as draught.’
    • ‘Trypanosomiasis, also locally known as nagana, threatens some 50 million cattle in Africa, according to a recent report by FAO.’
    • ‘Here's an interesting strategy to control and eradicate sleeping sickness and nagana.’



/nəˈɡänə/ /nəˈɡɑnə/


Late 19th century from Zulu nakane.