Definition of nagging in English:


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  • 1(of a person) constantly harassing someone to do something.

    ‘I wanted to get away from my nagging parents’
    • ‘They've have been demoted to faceless, nagging bandmates leaving phone messages about an upcoming tour.’
    • ‘You're ready to be independent and to rid yourself of nagging parents.’
    • ‘Who wants to work in a dismal environment with a nagging boss?’
    • ‘One family having a tough time with their nagging children had actually gone into major debt just to appease their kids.’
    • ‘Most nagging partners are just trying to look after our best interests.’
    • ‘The best way to deal with a nagging customer is to agree to whatever they ask.’
    • ‘If you're looking for a quick and easy way to silence the phone during a meeting or take a break from your nagging friend, give this one a shot.’
    • ‘Everyone here loves to party so you don't need to worry about the nagging neighbors.’
    • ‘If you decide to be the nagging girlfriend or boyfriend who is always demanding your partner's time and attention it could be disastrous.’
    • ‘A nagging spouse can strip and rob a person of their self respect and confidence.’
    complaining, criticizing, grumbling, fault-finding, moaning, scolding, carping, shrewish, cavilling
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  • 2Persistently painful or worrying.

    ‘a nagging pain’
    • ‘only a handful of nagging doubts remained’
    • ‘I joined the team last year for the first time, despite a prolonged nagging illness.’
    • ‘For simple difficulties, a quick word of advice is often just the thing to solve a nagging problem.’
    • ‘The program ought to be required viewing for American schoolchildren - the next generation facing the nagging problems of race.’
    • ‘Usually no single event precipitates the nagging feeling of discontent.’
    • ‘Still there was a nagging question in her mind.’
    • ‘He has to fight off a nagging urge to throw his glass at the nearest wall.’
    • ‘Recent surgery for a nagging case of carpal tunnel syndrome was entirely successful.’
    • ‘Along with the concept, there was this nagging feeling of nostalgia for the past.’
    • ‘Yet, somehow, this time, he had a nagging suspicion that she very much wanted to outstay her welcome.’
    • ‘One of the major culprits in building up tensions is the nagging thought of the accumulated small jobs put off from day to day.’
    • ‘The answers to some of these nagging questions would lead me into my own investigation.’
    • ‘He had a nagging feeling that all was not right with his youngest brother.’
    • ‘There was a nagging doubt, however, about the seaworthiness of these untested hulls.’
    • ‘A nagging wrist injury deprived her the chance of a debut in the world tournament which was then held in Belgium in the year 2000.’
    • ‘Things are much better now and just the nagging doubt remains.’
    • ‘And they burn candles and even bathe here, believing the spirits will cure them of nagging ailments.’
    • ‘If at any time you experience sharp or nagging pains, consult your physician immediately.’
    • ‘I know I have no reason to be concerned - but I still have that nagging feeling.’
    • ‘This adds another troublesome dimension to this nagging environmental problem.’
    • ‘That actually could be a detriment because he suffers nagging injuries.’
    persistent, continuous, lingering, niggling, troublesome, unrelenting, unremitting, unabating
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/ˈnaɡiNG/ /ˈnæɡɪŋ/