Definition of nail bed in English:

nail bed


  • The formative layer of cells underlying the fingernail or toenail.

    ‘Underlying the nail plate is the nail bed, composed of the germinative layer of the epidermis.’
    • ‘A patient with onychomycosis may present with whitened nails, but the discoloration is in the nail itself, rather than the underlying nail bed.’
    • ‘Wear properly fitted shoes (injury to the nail bed can lead to thick toenails regardless of infection).’
    • ‘They are well except K has damaged the nail bed on one of his fingers, it looked very nasty.’
    • ‘As they are pushed more tightly together, the toenails may grow into the sides of the nail bed.’
    • ‘White spots can result from pushing the cuticle back too vigorously (this damages the nail plate) or other trauma to the nail bed or plate.’
    • ‘Fungal infections, which often cause swelling, pain and discolored nails, can be difficult to treat since the infection occurs under the nail plate or in the nail bed.’
    • ‘The tip of the instrument should be pointed up during dissection so that the tip rubs underneath the surface of the nail plate and not the nail bed, which would cause further damage.’
    • ‘Inspect the toenails for length, color, thickness, presence of subungal debris, odor, separation from the nail bed, and pain.’
    • ‘Similarly, in patients with chronic renal failure, increased melanin production may cause the distal part of the nail bed to turn brown.’
    • ‘The nail plate, which is dead, compacted and hardened keratin, is the visible part of the nail that you polish, and the nail bed is the skin beneath it.’
    • ‘If the nail plate is partially avulsed but is firmly attached to the nail matrix, exploring the nail bed is difficult and probably unwarranted.’
    • ‘The nail plate is generated by the nail matrix at the proximal portion of the nail bed.’
    • ‘Fluctuance and local purulence at the nail margin may occur, and infection may extend beneath the nail margin to involve the nail bed.’
    • ‘Following reduction, the nail bed of the fractured toe should lie in the same plane as the nail bed of the corresponding toe on the opposite foot.’
    • ‘Push cuticles back with a cotton-wrapped orangewood stick; never use metal tools that can hurt nail bed.’
    • ‘Spots usually result from injury to the nail plate or nail bed.’
    • ‘To her relief, the nail bed was clean and dry with no evidence of infection.’
    • ‘They are thought to result from random minor trauma to the proximal nail bed.’
    • ‘Your doctor also may apply a small electrical charge or a liquid solution to the exposed part of the nail bed.’