Definition of nailed in English:



  • 1Fastened or constructed with nails.

    ‘a nailed coffin’
    • ‘heavy nailed boots’
    • ‘Keep your eye on nailed joints to be sure they doesn't come apart under use!’
    • ‘The following year he cycled to Lochaber, where he bought his first pair of nailed climbing boots.’
    • ‘When considering the cases of tall-case pendulum clocks he remarks on their slapdash construction of butted and nailed boards.’
    • ‘When someone presses against a loosely nailed surface, the wallboard moves, and the nail heads pop through.’
    • ‘Often, their rafts are little more than a few nailed pieces of wood and a rubber inflatable tube.’
    • ‘Groups of hikers are gathering, nailed boots are clattering on the concrete, and there is a general air of anticipation.’
    • ‘He fled back to Dublin in ships with nailed sides, as noted in the Old English poem.’
    • ‘Police tried to use a "stinger" device, a nailed mat, to stop the vehicle but he swerved to avoid it and sped off at 90 mph.’
    • ‘A London carpenter's price book of 1755 lists the cost of a nailed floor as £2 10 shillings per 100 square foot.’
    • ‘A few centuries later Caesar was describing the sturdy ocean-going ships of the Veneti of Armorica, massively constructed with thick nailed planks.’
  • 2in combination Having fingernails or toenails of a specified kind.

    ‘long-nailed fashion models’
    • ‘his black-nailed fingers’
    • ‘She lightly ran her thin, long-nailed fingers up and down my arm.’
    • ‘"Mattie baby," Stacy purred, running a sharply nailed finger along his chest, "You want to get me something to drink?"’
    • ‘She sliced the air above her head with a short-nailed hand.’
    • ‘I wasn't expecting to be called before the red-nailed lady.’
    • ‘Padding around in a navy top, chiffon skirt and bare, red-nailed feet, she is nobody's idea of a demanding PR lady.’
    • ‘You turned the white queen between your blunt-nailed thumb and forefinger, and moved her around the board while you waited for what they would say.’
    • ‘The next thing I knew, Frank and I were on the ground, being hauled to our feet by a sharp-nailed hand.’
    • ‘His parents had been killed for opposing a local politician, a point he illustrated by running a dirty, broken-nailed finger across his throat.’



/nāld/ /neɪld/