Definition of nailer in English:



  • 1mainly historical A maker of nails.

    • ‘The village of Cloone in 1901 was full of taillers, nailers, dress-makes and part-time farmers which the author recalls.’
  • 2A power tool for inserting nails.

    ‘When nailing some of the denser woods with hand or air nailers, installers may encounter splitting tongues, as well as failure to secure the fastener even after repeated attempts.’
    • ‘Another interesting joinery detail is the use of angled supports through mortised and wedged into the end joists as nailers for the interior cornice.’
    • ‘All joints must be glued and the trim fastened with brads, preferably using pneumatic nailers, which leave very small fastener holes.’
    • ‘The tubing can also be suspended in the air below wooden floors or be stapled on top of the sub floor between nailers.’
    • ‘Cut a board to fit; and secure it to the nailer and any joists with screws.’



/ˈnālər/ /ˈneɪlər/