Definition of naked mole rat in English:

naked mole rat


  • A blind and hairless mole rat living in large underground colonies in eastern Africa. The colony structure is similar to that of social insects, with only one pair breeding and most other individuals acting as workers.

    Heterocephalus glaber, family Bathyergidae

    ‘I'd like to see a Malagasy giant rat though, and a Coue's rice rat, and a naked mole rat, and even a big smelly cane rat.’
    • ‘Damaraland mole rats, along with the closely related naked mole rats, are the only known mammals that are eusocial - that is, they live in social colonies with a division of labor among members.’
    • ‘The trio did suspect they were something like social insects, and even naked mole rats have an ant-like social order.’
    • ‘Just as elephant herds depend on their oldest female for guidance, colonies of naked mole rats are dominated and co-ordinated by a single female.’
    • ‘This may be the case in the naked mole rat, where dominant females are sometimes unable to suppress the reproductive activity of subordinates.’


naked mole rat

/ˈnākid mōl rat/ /ˈneɪkɪd moʊl ræt/