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‘And while it is a crime to lie to Congress and to commit perjury, these acts are prosecuted in such a haphazard and nakedly political fashion that they can hardly serve as much of a deterrent.’
  • ‘This doesn't make him different from other politicians - sometimes it's refreshing that the naked self-interest is presented, nakedly.’
  • ‘The real truth here is in the nakedly truthful acting, but acting such as this, because it resides in a film with little or no thematic import, amounts to little more than simulation.’
  • ‘It's often said that Empire of the Sun's his most nakedly autobiographical novel (along with its successor The Kindness of Women) and of course that's true.’
  • ‘It doesn't for a second condone these violations to say that, in the context of the nakedly described terror and confusion of war, they become more comprehensible.’



/ˈnākədlē/ /ˈneɪkədli/