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  • Abusive language or insults.

    ‘the party's internal bickering and name-calling’
    • ‘Meetings sometimes end in shouting, name-calling and insults.’
    • ‘It gets to be quite fun, in an awful kind of way, to spot the childish name-calling, the insult words that don't mean anything.’
    • ‘Most of the incidents involved name-calling, verbal abuse and racist comments, rather than physical assaults.’
    • ‘As a result, a number of parties have placed emphasis on name-calling and insulting opponents.’
    • ‘She could tolerate a certain amount of bad language and name-calling.’
    • ‘Instead of having a calm, rational debate about legitimate issues, he started name-calling and casting insults.’
    • ‘The most common forms of bullying are name-calling and insults, followed by being the object of lies or rumors.’
    • ‘He asked please and then the petty name-calling and childish insults started.’
    • ‘It was never anything too serious; verbal, mostly name-calling, rather than physical, which is a lot less than some kids I knew got.’
    • ‘And finally, they must rely on facts and logical argument in their writing, not on name-calling and abuse.’
    • ‘It starts out as debate and ends up full of hate, name-calling and vitriol.’
    • ‘Tackling physical abuse and name-calling is one thing; can schools really be expected to force pupils to be nice to each other?’
    • ‘We did not engage in name-calling, degrading and verbally attacking others, even in our own defence.’
    • ‘He has given up removing the graffiti daubed on the walls and sadly admits that taunts and name-calling have become a staple part of his life.’
    • ‘That is, as long as it's not uninformed abuse and name-calling, which is no use to anyone.’
    • ‘Once again you resorted to childish name-calling and petty slurs to try to demonise the party.’
    • ‘The resort to ridicule and name-calling betrays an angry wish that this problem would simply go away.’
    • ‘Much to her credit, no amount of upbraiding or name-calling has moved her an iota.’
    • ‘Emotional abuse can include isolation, name-calling, jealousy and threats.’
    • ‘In all fairness, these issues do not require character assassination, lying and name-calling.’
    insults, curses, jibes, slurs, expletives, swear words



/ˈnāmˌkôliNG/ /ˈneɪmˌkɔlɪŋ/