Definition of name names in English:

name names


  • Mention specific names, especially of people involved in something wrong or illegal.

    ‘if you're convinced my staff is part of this operation, then name names’
    • ‘And I promise I'll do my best to not just name numbers, but name names as we continue to lose so many brave men and women overseas.’
    • ‘It would have been good if the commission had named names and offered some specific proposals for persuading these ‘friends’ to change.’
    • ‘To be more specific and name names just might be a tinge unfair and might lead to accusations of bias for or against certain outgoing councillors.’
    • ‘He named names and even linked to me and called me by name.’
    • ‘Without naming names, he said: ‘Over the last few weeks, a small group of my parliamentary colleagues have decided consciously to undermine my leadership.’’
    • ‘I don't know if it's necessarily productive to start naming names, but that's why going to places like England and Scotland and Ireland, I think, is necessary.’
    • ‘Without naming names, there are a few bad apples, who the public knows are bad apples, who are still on the force, and that's where this perception comes from.’
    • ‘‘Exploring a topic’ does not necessarily involve naming names.’
    • ‘Some people I know, and I don't plan on naming names here, seem to think my attachment to her is dangerous for my own being, considering the fact I've never met her in person.’
    • ‘‘This invasion was perpetrated by employees both on and off the committee,’ he said without naming names.’