Definition of name the day in English:

name the day


  • Arrange a date for a specific occasion, especially a wedding.

    ‘we knew in our hearts they were ready to name the day’
    • ‘To be honest we've been so busy that we never really got round to naming the day before.’
    • ‘The Government have given one sweetener and are hopeful of giving another before it names the day, but in politics you never know.’
    • ‘The Prime Minister has named the day as September the 17th - just a week shy of the last possible election date.’
    • ‘There ought to be a divide between what may be considered ideal time for elections, considering this is rain season and the legal provisions and powers of the President to name the day.’
    • ‘The gaffer has left it with me to name the day, so I need to have a good think about it over the next few months.’
    • ‘The couple have yet to name the day, but they are looking at some time in April and the service will most likely take place in Belgium where her parents live.’
    • ‘He always wanted to marry her but was too busy racing to name the day.’
    • ‘I call it the Wedding Theory - surely, once she names the day he can't back out?’
    • ‘But the broadcaster stopped short of naming the day its service will launch and how much it will charge.’
    • ‘The Labour Government though isn't buying into all the speculation, saying it's the incumbent's prerogative to name the day New Zealanders will go to the polls.’