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  • A person or thing that has the same name as another.

    ‘Hugh Capet paved the way for his son and namesake to be crowned king of France’
    • ‘The similarities between the two namesakes are eerie.’
    • ‘Unlike their high street namesakes however, fund supermarkets are not always so hot on choice or price.’
    • ‘Unlike her Biblical namesake, Maria sees very little evidence of God's grace.’
    • ‘During the process of creating and naming the award, several dozen namesakes were considered for this prestigious honor.’
    • ‘Like its namesake it has had a few unlikely wins, but unlike its namesake it pays handsomely.’
    • ‘It is one of life's ironies that their namesakes found themselves fighting to defend that country nearly 60 years later at one of the First World War's bloodiest battles.’
    • ‘Corpus Christi took on their Cambridge namesakes in the annual ‘Corpus Challenge’, and cemented their fifth consecutive victory.’
    • ‘In this adventure he set out to find 54 namesakes - ‘One for every card in the deck, including the jokers.’’
    • ‘He decided to brew his own and take on his namesakes.’
    • ‘The number of famous namesakes will also raise a smile.’
    • ‘For the time being, he seemed to have been cornered by his namesakes.’
    • ‘Which shows the difference between the two namesakes - Lisa can't drive.’
    • ‘It's odd how there's no mention at all of how the terra cotta warriors, the namesakes of the show, came about.’
    • ‘Hence we have Magpies, Robins and Wrens here which are not related to their European namesakes.’
    • ‘I mean, just how much of a hero can this guy be to spawn so many namesakes?’
    • ‘But talking to their namesakes, they realised that they had much more in common.’
    • ‘Why should a slideshow account of a comedian's attempts to contact his namesakes be funny?’
    • ‘Does he know that his namesake went to Spain to fight the very men his site believes should be unopposed?’
    • ‘Maureen was claiming a namesake with me as she also was called Veronica.’
    • ‘Anthony, while fully deserving his Man Of The Match award, could do with some of his Roman namesake's cunning.’



/ˈnāmˌsāk/ /ˈneɪmˌseɪk/


Mid 17th century from the phrase for the name's sake.