Definition of NAND in English:



  • 1Electronics
    A Boolean operator which gives the value zero if and only if all the operands have a value of one, and otherwise has a value of one (equivalent to NOT AND).

    1. 1.1A circuit that produces an output signal until there are signals on all of its inputs.
      ‘Similarly two transistors work to enact a NAND gate where the digital data is transformed in a fully deterministic manner.’
      • ‘Using two NAND gates I have produced a NAND gate latch or Flip-FLop.’
      • ‘As far as we can see, the patent doesn't explicitly refer to Flash, but it does refer to NAND gate logic, a key component of Flash memory.’
      • ‘A more useful feedback circuit using two NAND gates is shown below.’
      • ‘Thus all that's really needed to build the information-processing circuitry of a computer is the ability to make and connect NOR gates or NAND gates.’



/nand/ /nænd/


1950s from n(ot) and.