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another term for nanobacterium
‘And the other interesting aspect of the nanobes is that they're in the same size range as the controversial Martian nanobe bacteria that were found in a meteorite some years ago.’
  • ‘Because these nanobes are so incredibly tiny, they are devilishly hard for scientists to work with.’
  • ‘There was neither a nanoplague born from new nanobe pathogens nor an army of nanosoldiers clouding the sky.’
  • ‘Ideally that means obtaining a complete gene sequence, and locating the nanobes on the universal tree of life.’
  • ‘Called nanobes, they were found in rock samples drilled from 5km below the seabed off the Western Australia.’



/ˈnanˌōb/ /ˈnænˌoʊb/ /ˈnāˌnōb/ /ˈneɪˌnoʊb/


1990s shortening and alteration of nanobacterium.