Definition of nanocomposite in English:


Pronunciation /ˌnanōˈkämpəzit/ /ˌnænoʊˈkɑmpəzɪt/


  • Denoting a composite material that has a grain size measured in nanometers.

    ‘The nanocomposite films are made by layering molecules on top of each other.’
    • ‘Thanks to BASF's Polymer Research, these types of nanocomposite dispersions can be produced using a procedure called emulsion polymerization.’
    • ‘With our nanocomposite dispersions, we actually have a completely new generation of binders in the pipeline.’
    • ‘In addition, new dilation balloons are required to withstand higher pressures without tearing, and may also be excellent candidates for improvement in mechanical performance from nanocomposite technology.’
    • ‘The invention provides two techniques that enhance the thermal stability of the nanocomposite systems from their current limits of 100-150° C. to over 250° C.’
    • ‘More recently, there has been increasing interest in nanocomposite polymeric materials because of their high ionic conductivities and superior mechanical stability over pure polymer electrolytes.’
    • ‘Our results demonstrate how coupling a widely used x-ray analysis technique with a non-traditional experimental approach makes it possible to obtain detailed structural information about nanocomposite materials.’
    • ‘The freeze-cast process has not been used with nanoscale ceramic composites and Lu looks forward to creating new knowledge about nanocomposite systems.’
    • ‘Additionally, the project involved work by Michigan State University scientist Mercuriou Kanatzidis, who, with his group, pioneered a way to synthesize these nanocomposite materials.’
    • ‘Nanocor and Polyone have recently formed a strategic alliance through which they'll be providing nanocomposite materials to molders.’
    • ‘To date, much commercial interest in nanocomposites barriers has come from packaging companies.’
    • ‘GM estimates use of over 500,000 lb. of nanocomposite material a year.’


  • A nanocomposite material.

    ‘There are some big benefits to the use of the nanocomposites.’
    • ‘However, in the matter of nanocomposites, less allows for more.’
    • ‘The platelet structure of the reinforcing fillers in nanocomposites may offer improvement in barrier properties of the polymer compound.’
    • ‘Noble metals are known to form nanocomposites with diverse classes of organic compounds including fluorescent dyes.’
    • ‘The next initiative within GM for nanocomposites was the side molding pieces on the 2004 Chevrolet Impala, GM's highest volume car.’
    • ‘In organic/inorganic nanocomposites, a nanoscale inorganic filler is typically dispersed in an organic polymer matrix.’
    • ‘The true value of nanocomposites in medical applications is only beginning to be discovered.’
    • ‘However, whether the emission properties of any other organic dyes can be improved by incorporating into hybrid organic-inorganic nanocomposites remains to be established.’
    • ‘One of the tricks of the nanocomposite is the way the clay disperses into the polymer.’
    • ‘In the case of the nanocomposites this effect should be lessened due to the inherently smaller filler size.’
    • ‘Nylon nanocomposites containing small amounts of clay that are capable of withstanding high temperature environments have been fashioned into automobile air intake covers.’
    • ‘In nanocomposites, one of the constituent phases has dimensions - length, width, or thickness, in the nanometer range.’
    • ‘The tubes can also be formulated into paints and plastic nanocomposites.’
    • ‘Chemists have also been looking at carbon nanotubes (honeycomb graphite lattices rolled into cylinders having nanoscale thicknesses) as fillers in nanocomposites.’
    • ‘Because the building blocks of the nanocomposite have the dimensions of nanometers, they have enormous surface areas and large interfaces with other phases.’
    • ‘These include nanocomposites, which contain small amounts of nanometer-size clay particles.’
    • ‘Catheters made from nanocomposites demonstrate considerably greater stiffness than those made from unmodified polymers, even under nominal loads.’
    • ‘Among the approaches being developed today are nanotubes, nanowires and nanocomposites for batteries.’
    • ‘The material is a thermoplastic olefin (TPO) nanocomposite.’
    • ‘The present invention is directed to, in part, polymer clay nanocomposites having an acid containing monomer and clay.’