Definition of nanofiber in English:



(British nanofibre)
  • A fiber of material with a thickness or diameter of only a few nanometers.

    ‘filters coated with nanofibers can dramatically improve filtration efficiency’
    • ‘The ration is surrounded by a plastic membrane made of a nanofibre that can filter out 99.9 per cent of microbes and the most harmful toxic compounds.’
    • ‘The added strength could lead to new uses of nanofibres.’
    • ‘Researchers have discovered a way to strengthen plastic nanofibres or ultra-fine fibres, with one of the world's strongest materials, carbon.’
    • ‘Dr. Sain has applied for a patent for his state-of-the-art process that extracts nanofibres from plants.’
    • ‘He has developed a technique in which continuous yarns that consist of parallel bundles of nanofibres can be produced in a continuous process.’
    • ‘Carbon nanofibres are so fine, they are only a tiny fraction of the diameter of a human hair.’
    • ‘The researchers collected evidence that carbon atoms scuttled across a nickel cluster's surface to where the leading edge of a new nanofiber was picking up additional atoms.’
    • ‘Of particular interest is the fact that the new method allows researchers to attach DNA to the nanofibers.’
    • ‘A team of researchers in Denmark has made atomic-scale movies of the formation of carbon nanofibers.’
    • ‘"We employ the electrospinning process to create nanofibers with very large surface area for their weight," Phaneuf said.’



/ˈnanōˌfībər/ /ˈnænoʊˌfaɪbər/