Definition of nanomedicine in English:



  • The branch of medicine concerned with the use of nanotechnology.

    ‘scientists are working on various types of nanoparticles for use in nanomedicine, especially to diagnose and treat cancer’
    • ‘Many of the tools of nanomedicine could be used for either therapy or enhancement.’
    • ‘It seems possible that nanomedicine is now verging on the phase of disillusionment.’
    • ‘What is important about the techniques that Aubrey advocates is that they can be made to work many years before nanomedicine becomes possible.’
    • ‘Nanomedicine offers options to each of these challenges.’
    • ‘Robert Freitas told one interviewer that the kind of nanomedicine he envisions is "at least 10 to 20 years away"; in a different interview he put the number at 40 years.’
    • ‘"We are really taking the concepts of nanoscience and applying them to biology, creating applications in nanomedicine and nanobiotechnology," he said.’
    • ‘The game will teach the applications of nanotechnologies in biomedical science and introduce the key concepts behind nanomedicine in an exciting, engaging and scientifically accurate way.’
    • ‘A pioneer in the emerging field of nanomedicine, Baker holds dual appointments as a professor of internal medicine in the Medical School and a professor of biomedical engineering in the College of Engineering.’
    • ‘They place their hopes in nanomedicine, a field that would repair or improve the body from the inside out, with a precision and delicacy far greater than that of the finest surgical instruments available today.’
    • ‘According to the volitional normative model of disease that is most appropriate for nanomedicine, if you're physiologically old and don't want to be, then for you, oldness and aging are a disease, and you deserve to be cured.’



/ˈnanōˌmedəsən/ /ˈnænoʊˌmɛdəsən/