Definition of nanorod in English:



  • A rod of material with a thickness or diameter of only a few nanometers.

    ‘these nanorods are about 10,000 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair’
    • ‘Having a high oxygen concentration, the solution surrounding the platinum end is less polar than the solution surrounding the other end of the nanorod.’
    • ‘Recent developments in nanotechnology have produced the aggregated diamond nanorod, an artificial diamond that's harder than any natural diamonds.’
    • ‘The "receiving antennas" are the previously magnetized nickel bands in the nanorods.’
    • ‘The Johns Hopkins team also delivered DNA into mice by using a so-called gene gun to propel small doses of the nanorods under the animals' skin.’
    • ‘When added to a lab dish containing cultured mammalian cells, the nanorods bound to receptors inside tiny pits on the cells' surfaces.’
    • ‘To increase gene expression, the researchers plan to build nanorods with multiple segments using a variety of metals, such as platinum and silver.’
    • ‘The lead sulphide will be in the form of nanorods, 100 or so nanometres long and 20 by 20 nanometres in section.’
    • ‘Carried into the cell in this way, the DNA eventually detached from the nanorods and entered the nucleus.’
    • ‘They also aimed for nanorods as long as possible - in this case, 60 nanometers.’
    • ‘Because nickel is magnetic, researchers could use an external magnetic field to direct nickel-containing nanorods to specific parts of the body.’



/ˈnanōˌräd/ /ˈnænoʊˌrɑd/