Definition of nanotechnologist in English:


Pronunciation /-jist/


See nanotechnology

‘Seen this way, mainstream nanotechnology isn't truly new; we've been unwitting nanotechnologists for centuries.’
  • ‘This research could give a nanotechnologist a lot more materials for construction.’
  • ‘Diatoms can manipulate silica in ways that nanotechnologists can only dream about.’
  • ‘Lured by such large numbers, and always on the look-out for the next big thing, venture capitalists are fervently courting nanotechnologists.’
  • ‘As explained elsewhere in this issue, nanotechnologists envision molecular machines that could create an era of material abundance.’
  • ‘At worst, the biosphere could even be destroyed by what nanotechnologists call grey goo, as a result of self-replication, which is a key goal of genetic engineering.’