Definition of naphthenic in English:




See naphthene

‘These are complex mixtures of paraffinic, aromatics and naphthenic hydrocarbon type molecules, ranging in carbon number from 14 to 40 +.’
  • ‘The results given in Figure 3 show that the oil separation is lower for the naphthenic based grease.’
  • ‘The different factors responsible for naphthenic corrosion as well as the ways of fighting it are reviewed.’
  • ‘Disclosed is a process for opening naphthenic rings of naphthenic ring containing compounds, and catalysts which can be used in that process.’
  • ‘Due to the dwindling supplies of naphthenic based crude reserves, a suitable replacement oil must be found for electrical apparatus.’



/napˈTHenik/ /næpˈθɛnɪk/ /napˈTHēnik/ /næpˈθinɪk/ /nafˈTHenik/ /næfˈθɛnɪk/ /nafˈTHēnik/ /næfˈθinɪk/