Definition of naphthol in English:



  • A crystalline solid derived from naphthalene, used to make antiseptics and dyes.

    Chemical formula: C₁₀H₇OH; two isomers, especially naphthalen-2-ol (β-naphthol)

    ‘Some of the dyes to which chromophores give a vibrant color are naphthol yellow, vat blue, congo red, and methylene blue.’
    • ‘Finally, it is mixed with naphthol to produce carbaryl.’
    • ‘Certain molecules such as 1 - naphthol, its derivatives, and carbazole show remarkable enhancement in their acidity in the excited singlet state.’
    • ‘Soluble and insoluble proteins were stained specifically in blue with naphthol blue-black and polysaccharides were stained in red with periodic acid.’
    • ‘Hantaviral antigens were then detected by using a naphthol / fast red substrate.’



/ˈnapˌTHôl/ /ˈnæpˌθɔl/ /ˈnapˌTHäl/ /ˈnæpˌθɑl/ /ˈnafˌTHôl/ /ˈnæfˌθɔl/ /ˈnafˌTHäl/ /ˈnæfˌθɑl/