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napkin ring

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  • A ring used to hold (and distinguish) a person's table napkin when not in use.

    ‘Add small orange or apple slices to a wooden ring for a unique napkin ring.’
    • ‘Her waist is so thin she could use a napkin ring as a belt.’
    • ‘A good Panama hat, it is claimed, can be folded up and passed through a napkin ring, and it will then reshape itself perfectly for use.’
    • ‘Walking into the plush interior certainly fosters expectation, and small touches such as a sprig of rosemary held in the napkin ring are really quite delightful.’
    • ‘Add an acorn, or pinecone and you have a very impressive napkin ring.’
    • ‘Her specialty is pottery and the shelves are lined with mugs, teapots, bowls, candle holders, honey pots and napkin rings.’
    • ‘Students may choose to create a variety of objects: headbands, belts, bracelets or napkin rings.’
    • ‘You can accessorize with seasonal place mats, napkins, and napkin rings.’
    • ‘Make a set of placemats, napkins, and napkin rings to coordinate with the kitchen.’
    • ‘A pair of silver napkin rings will cost about the same price.’
    • ‘Hand sew leaf buttons for extra embellishment, saving eight buttons for the napkin rings.’
    • ‘Wrap vibrant maple or sumac leaves around votive candleholders or napkin rings.’
    • ‘Tie ornaments to napkin rings or ribbons to serve as a warm greeting to the feast.’
    • ‘My mother gave them to me, along with the napkin rings.’
    • ‘They can be made with just a 2-inch strip of fabric; the length will depend on how many napkin rings you want to make.’
    • ‘For the cook in the family, go with gadgets that she loves and needs, things like ergonomically correct vegetable peelers and beautiful napkin rings are great.’
    • ‘Wrap a small piece of florist's wire to each end of flexible stems of rosemary, then tie to make fragrant napkin rings.’
    • ‘This set of napkin rings is made of sustainably harvested wood hand-carved in Kenya.’


napkin ring

/ˈnapkən riNG/ /ˈnæpkən rɪŋ/