Definition of Naples yellow in English:

Naples yellow


  • 1A pale yellow pigment containing lead and antimony oxides.

    ‘Crimson, lemon yellow, Naples yellow, emerald, Veronese green, mauve and the cadmiums were all 19th-century inventions.’
    • ‘The 18th-century lead antimony yellow was usually described as Naples yellow.’
    • ‘The history of Naples yellow is rather obscure.’
    • ‘I bring some greens into the background trees with Naples yellow and viridian.’
    • ‘Naples yellow is a toxic lead pigment that is no longer available in art materials.’
    1. 1.1The pale yellow color of Naples yellow, now commonly produced using cadmium, zinc, or iron-based substitutes.
      ‘Various ochers, a pale Naples yellow and a pale green, all of nearly equal intensity and weight, inflect a predominantly gray field of dots.’
      • ‘Although looking at that painted swatch of Indian yellow, I would swear it's Naples yellow (and vice versa, come to think of it).’


Naples yellow

/ˈnāpəlz ˈyelō/ /ˈneɪpəlz ˈjɛloʊ/


Mid 18th century named after Naples.