Definition of Napoleonic in English:



  • Relating to or characteristic of Napoleon I or his time.

    • ‘On 7 September the armies met at Borodino, the bloody battle that destroyed the myth of Napoleonic invincibility.’
    • ‘Wellington also displayed Napoleonic memorabilia with the trophies awarded to him.’
    • ‘Ceremonies at Chatby, led by a Royal Navy chaplain and defence staff from Britain's embassy in Egypt, did not solely concentrate on the Napoleonic era.’
    • ‘The second new gallery is divided in two, with half concentrating on wartime Chippenham, with exhibits from the Civil, Napoleonic and two World Wars.’
    • ‘Not until another period of prolonged warfare during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic era did the rhetoric of Britishness soften if not obliterate these.’
    • ‘Not surprisingly, many clerks stayed in their posts throughout the revolutionary and Napoleonic periods, providing the backbone of the state.’
    • ‘Puzzled drinkers may have thought their night was taking a turn for the worse when four Napoleonic soldiers rolled up on a horse-drawn carriage in York city centre.’
    • ‘By 1814 France once again faced invasion and resistance to Napoleonic rule grew stronger, if insufficient to seal his downfall by itself.’
    • ‘Some scholars in the Muslim world erroneously attributed certain Napoleonic works to Aristotle, resulting in confusion about his ideas.’
    • ‘The Nitots were jewellers to the Napoleonic court.’
    • ‘Not until Napoleonic times did the State take the situation in hand and reintroduce a rigorous system of licensing to restore professional standards.’
    • ‘By 1806 Britain found herself in an unlikely alliance with the papal states resisting Napoleonic bullying and fire-power.’
    • ‘It is the birthplace of Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte, who started off as a simple soldier, rose to be a Napoleonic commander and then king of Sweden.’
    • ‘The Accademia gallery, like the Brera in Milan, is a creation of the Napoleonic occupation, with origins closely linked with an academy.’
    • ‘Income tax was first introduced in Napoleonic times.’
    • ‘A Council of State on the Napoleonic model was introduced to draft decrees and control ministers, who replaced the collegiate system.’
    • ‘Rio was immediately flooded with British manufactured goods that had been excluded from European markets by the Napoleonic blockade.’
    • ‘In May the following year, as Napoleonic troops bombarded Vienna, Haydn died at his small home and was buried in Gumpendorf cemetery.’
    • ‘This territory was retained, in greater part, up until 1797, when the Napoleonic Guards snatched away much land.’
    • ‘Over the centuries, earthquakes and fires did their bit, while Napoleonic troops managed accidentally to blow up eight towers.’