Definition of narco-terrorist in English:


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noun & adjective

See narco-terrorism

‘‘There are a lot of narco-terrorists using the narcotics trade to supply money to terrorist groups,’ said the squadron commander.’
  • ‘Next year, I will ask our Congress to renew its support so that this courageous nation can win its war against narcoterrorists.’
  • ‘Other countries in our region just don't have the resources to improve their economies, fight narco-terrorists, and quell violence on their own.’
  • ‘Narco-terrorist groups are still active in several rural areas and firearms are common.’
  • ‘The country is sliding towards chaos and risks turning into a narco-terrorist state.’



/ˌnärkōˈterərəst/ /ˌnɑrkoʊˈtɛrərəst/