Definition of narcotism in English:



See narcotic

‘Till the middle 70s, in some regions of the country narcotism was usual, but publicly not realized occurrence.’
  • ‘In particular, the the matter concerned the measures on suppression of distribution of narcotism and AIDS.’
  • ‘If no further information is available on the certificate, we query to determine if there was an overdose associated with the narcotism and the type of addiction associated with the narcotism.’
  • ‘For fifteen minutes the symptoms remained stationary, when it was proposed to use active exercise, as in a case of narcotism from opium.’
  • ‘One man died from acute narcotism with a naltrexone implant in place and a blood naltrexone level of 0.3 mg / L.’



/ˈnärkəˌtizəm/ /ˈnɑrkəˌtɪzəm/