Definition of narghile in English:



(also nargileh)
  • A Middle Eastern or Turkish tobacco pipe with a long tube that draws the smoke through water; a hookah.

    ‘Velvet bellows, cushions, muskets, plates, microtonic music plus narghiles or hookahs for a post-prandial smoke of tobacco sweetened with such agents as rose essence.’
    • ‘Friday was also the day my artist friends gathered in a dirty teahouse where, for 1,500 dinar, you can purchase a glass of bitter lemon tea, rent a narghile (water pipe), and sit for hours.’
    • ‘They sit together and chew qat leaves (a mild narcotic) and smoke the narghile, or water-pipe.’
    • ‘Which means I basically spend my free time in Basra languishing in the hotel, smoking narghiles and ordering yet another delicious meal of lamb kabobs.’
    tobacco pipe, briar, briar pipe, meerschaum, clay pipe



/ˈnärɡəlē/ /ˈnɑrɡəli/


Early 19th century (as narguillet): partly via French from Turkish nargile or Persian nārgīle, both from Persian nārgīl ‘coconut’, ultimately from Sanskrit nārikela ‘coconut’.