Definition of narghile in English:


(also nargileh)

Pronunciation /ˈnärɡəlē/ /ˈnɑrɡəli/


  • An oriental tobacco pipe with a long tube that draws the smoke through water; a hookah.

    ‘Velvet bellows, cushions, muskets, plates, microtonic music plus narghiles or hookahs for a post-prandial smoke of tobacco sweetened with such agents as rose essence.’
    • ‘Friday was also the day my artist friends gathered in a dirty teahouse where, for 1,500 dinar, you can purchase a glass of bitter lemon tea, rent a narghile (water pipe), and sit for hours.’
    • ‘They sit together and chew qat leaves (a mild narcotic) and smoke the narghile, or water-pipe.’
    • ‘Which means I basically spend my free time in Basra languishing in the hotel, smoking narghiles and ordering yet another delicious meal of lamb kabobs.’
    tobacco pipe, briar, briar pipe, meerschaum, clay pipe


Mid 18th century from Persian nārgīl ‘coconut, hookah’, from Sanskrit nārikela ‘coconut’.