Definition of narrow down in English:

narrow down

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phrasal verb

  • narrow something down, narrow down somethingReduce the number of possibilities or options.

    ‘the company has narrowed down the candidates for the job to two’
    • ‘He adds that it has taken months to make progress and narrow options down to two possible sites and he feels it should now be made a general election issue by townspeople.’
    • ‘While she is still undecided on her career choice, her options have been narrowed down to journalism and management.’
    • ‘So far I've narrowed the options down to ten papers.’
    • ‘We have narrowed it down to three options from a consultant s report.’
    • ‘Her investigations narrow the suspects down to two possibilities.’
    • ‘I had narrowed it down to four options when the waiter approached our table.’
    • ‘During my internship, I was able to narrow down exactly what I wanted to do with my career.’
    • ‘Now we are able to narrow down likely suspects in a very short space of time.’
    • ‘If he could figure out the brand of the cigarette, he could narrow down his suspects.’
    • ‘Post again if you need help narrowing down the options for a specific location.’