Definition of narrow escape in English:

narrow escape


  • A situation in which an accident or other unfortunate incident is barely avoided.

    ‘he had a narrow escape in the street when part of a nearby house fell down’
    • ‘I had a narrow escape from losing my car keys into a full bin; thankfully, I realised at the last minute before letting go!’
    • ‘One person got up when he heard a commotion, and had a narrow escape when the window blew in and a large shard of glass went through his just-vacated seat.’
    • ‘A local man had a narrow escape from serious injury when the tractor he was driving was in collision with a lorry.’
    • ‘A young nurse had a narrow escape from the horrific bomb when she left the area of the blast just 25 minutes before the explosion.’
    • ‘I had a narrow escape when a land mine exploded 50 yards from where we had been stood.’
    • ‘He was so chastened by his narrow escape from drowning that he never again went to sea in a small boat.’
    • ‘The sales consultant said the reality of his narrow escape only sunk in the day after the blast.’
    • ‘After several run-ins with the police, and many narrow escapes, she was able to flee to England with her life intact.’
    • ‘I contemplated my narrow escape from a career I had no heart for.’
    • ‘They quickly realized the trap laid for them and their narrow escape from death.’