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‘Peabody's accent was high and aloof, crisp on the vowels and nasally through the consonants.’
  • ‘It was about this time that the nasally - voiced receptionist decided that she really couldn't pretend that Alli was not waiting any longer.’
  • ‘We believe that this technology will be useful against a wide variety of diseases, and will enable a new generation of vaccines to be administered orally and nasally.’
  • ‘His lyrical talents are no less impressive than his mood swings, showing variation in meter, tempo and vocal tone (although it's always a little nasally and heavy on enunciation).’
  • ‘He cleared his throat loudly and said nasally, ‘Class, sit down and be quiet.’’
  • ‘‘Oh, you know,’ William said, his voice coming out nasally as Adair lightly ran her fingers over the skin before pinching the bridge of his nose which made him yelp.’



/ˈnāzəlē/ /ˈneɪzəli/