Definition of NASCAR Dad in English:


(also Nascar Dad)


  • A representative of a demographic category: a blue-collar, high school-educated father with relatively conservative values but without predictable political affiliation.

    • ‘Evidence abounds that, at the very least, he is as inclined as any NASCAR Dad to divide the world into worthy and unworthy victims.’
    • ‘So now she is arguing they will never win the White House unless they begin to reach out to the massive voting group she has dubbed the NASCAR Dads.’
    • ‘That's a message that the NASCAR Dads who are so turned off by his plummy elitism will respond to.’
    • ‘First there were Angry White Males, then Soccer Moms, then Office Park Dads, and now NASCAR Dads.’
    • ‘This is a car for NASCAR dads with growing family responsibilities but a burning desire to maintain the thrill of driving.’


Early 21st century from the popularity of stock car racing with white, working-class men.