Definition of nastygram in English:



  • A particularly offensive email message.

    ‘But I begin to suspect that they took down the comments not because of the nastygrams they were getting, but because of the rotten image their putative supporters were projecting.’
    • ‘How can I convince someone that free markets are a good thing if you've been peppering their inbox with nastygrams in the name of capitalism?’
    • ‘Immediately notify your insurance company, in writing, that there might be a claim against you; send them a copy of the nastygram you received, and a dated cover letter.’
    • ‘Maybe the nastygram I sent resulted in an unannounced free month?’
    • ‘But one reseller at the receiving end of the legal nastygrams claims that key technologies, trademarks and software utilised in the new platform have not even been registered by the producer in the UK.’
    • ‘The competitor in question sent a nastygram to the lawyer saying he was trying to ‘sponge’ off his reputation.’
    • ‘And before you send me another nastygram, take a moment to hear me out.’
    • ‘It purportedly sends nastygrams to its customers warning them that continued naughtiness will result in their accounts being cancelled.’
    • ‘A scan such as this is non-invasive and non-destructive, but it's still possible one may get a nastygram from one's ISP for performing them.’
    • ‘Two months later they got wind of the site and fired off a legal nastygram to the University, demanding that the page be pulled.’



/ˈnastēˌɡram/ /ˈnæstiˌɡræm/