Definition of natant in English:


Pronunciation /ˈnātnt/ /ˈneɪtnt/


technical, literary
  • Swimming or floating.

    ‘Previously unstudied and earlier-known specimens have revealed the wide cephalic doublure and median ventral suture in Stenopilus; the hypostome is unknown but was probably natant.’
    • ‘It is likely that the primitive sister group of the Asaphida was a member of Ptychopariida with a natant hypostomal condition: derived members are either conterminant or impendent.’
    • ‘Since two of the primitive calymenides, Pharostomina and Bavarilla, had natant hypostomes it seems very likely that the Cambrian sister taxon would also be natant.’
    • ‘The natant decapods engage in the most extensive grooming.’
    • ‘The hypostome and its condition, natant or conterminant, is unknown.’


Mid 18th century from Latin natant- ‘swimming’, from the verb natare.