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national bank

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another term for central bank
‘In Serbia 1992 the national bank issued single bank notes of 500 billion Serbian dinars.’
  • ‘Of course national banks cannot file for bankruptcy.’
  • ‘A supporter of the Glorious Revolution, he was engaged during the Nine Years War in government finance and pressed upon the government the establishment of a national bank to help finance the war.’
  • ‘European governments have been especially protective of their national banks.’
  • ‘According to the agency's press release, it remains the only Bulgarian commercial bank with a credit rating equal to that of the national bank.’
  • ‘These national banks could control the issuing of paper money, and thus keep inflation in check.’
  • ‘If the banking system waits for foreign national banks to pull the plug, the impact will be sudden and catastrophic.’
  • ‘The relevant model is provided by the European System of Central Banks, which is composed of the European Central Bank and of the national banks of the member states.’
  • ‘Nor did the timing come as a shock following announcements the previous day by the Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank and the national banks of Switzerland, Sweden and Canada that they were making borrowing cheaper.’
  1. 1.1A commercial bank that is chartered under the federal government and is a member of the Federal Reserve System.
    ‘All national banks and member banks of the Federal Reserve System are required to join.’
    • ‘The second major feature of campaign finance regulation is bans on contributions by corporations, national banks, unions, Federal government contractors, and foreign nationals.’
    • ‘Calling itself the Federal Reserve, so as to seem official, it replaced the national bank system.’
    • ‘Under federal law, candidates and committees at the federal, state and local levels are prohibited from accepting contributions from national banks, federal corporations and foreign nationals.’
    • ‘Consequently, in 1913, the Federal Reserve Act removed the restriction on national banks as well.’
    • ‘In 1926 approximately 1,100 national banks were active in securities dealings via state chartered affiliates.’
    • ‘South Dakota and Delaware eliminated all caps on interest rates and fees to get the national banks to headquarter their credit businesses there.’
    • ‘One of the revolutions in banking was the requirement that U.S. national banks pay checks at par, not at a discount.’
    • ‘As national banks could and did fail, depositors had to keep on their guard.’
    • ‘Historically, national banks were barred from underwriting or dealing in corporate stocks by the absence of any legal power to do so in the National Bank Act.’
    • ‘Given the roughly $460 billion in such loans outstanding, the Comptroller of the Currency is drawing up new guidance for national banks on managing risks in their home-equity portfolios.’
    • ‘Historically, the association has attempted to present a unified voice for a diverse financial industry comprising national banks, state banks, savings banks, private banks, and trust companies.’
    • ‘The U.S. Treasury Department is trying to bring some reality to consumers asking for higher monthly payments on credit cards issued by national banks.’
    • ‘Policy is made by its Governing Council and implemented by its Executive Board, which instructs national banks on actions to be taken.’
    • ‘Branches of all the national banks, the provincial banks, the local banks are sprouting with the condos and office buildings.’
    • ‘Now the company is expanding its food menu and preparing to offer coffee at several national banks.’
    • ‘The government took benevolent control of public utilities and factories and established national banks and railroads.’
    • ‘They raised the protective tariffs to encourage industry, and set up national banks and issue war bonds to cover the cost of the war.’


national bank

/ˈnaSHənl/ /ˈnæʃənl/ /ˈnaSHnəl baNGk/ /ˈnæʃnəl bæŋk/