Definición de National Guardsman en Inglés

National Guardsman


See National Guard

‘They literally have to run down the street, drag some National Guardsmen or some policemen to get their attention, and then try to get the fire department here.’
  • ‘But by late March, when a nurse, a nurse's aide and a National Guardsman all died of heart attacks following vaccination, the hospitals' resistance seemed less deplorable than prescient.’
  • ‘And let's also offer thanks to this National Guardsman standing guard over the Golden Gate Bridge…’
  • ‘Also, tonight, heroes - tonight, we introduce to you a National Guardsman who returned from a year in Afghanistan to his family and his career.’
  • ‘Your future husband was a National Guardsman, right?’
  • ‘With finances so scarce, he resorted to the only thing that he had ever known, and as a National Guardsman he volunteered for active duty.’