Definition of national income in English:

national income


  • The total amount of money earned within a country.

    ‘Since the early 1990s, economic researchers have compared national incomes with indicators of environmental quality such as levels of sulfur dioxide or smoke in the air.’
    • ‘In general, the highest wages are found in countries with the highest national incomes.’
    • ‘It claims that prostitution forms a commercial sector that contributes to employment, national income and economic growth.’
    • ‘The growing proportion of business and national incomes spent on wages and social security charges meant less spent on investment.’
    • ‘Corporate profits in the national income accounts are consequently falling.’
    • ‘In the United States the peak national incomes of the late 1920s had not yet been regained.’
    • ‘Modern national income accounting is the outgrowth of industrialized warfare and of the interventionist welfare state.’
    • ‘Aggregate national income statistics tell a less lurid, but still fairly preoccupying story.’
    • ‘If the size of the national income pie is constant, then more for one group necessarily means less for some other.’
    • ‘The national income and product accounts have not been adjusted to include household labor.’
    • ‘So when the poor drop out, it shifts the middle up through the whole national income distribution.’
    • ‘Both the data and the conceptual framework were taken from the national income accounts.’
    • ‘The government's accounts must stay in credit to the tune of 3.75% of total national income.’
    • ‘Child poverty in the wealthiest nations has worsened as national incomes have risen over the past half century.’
    • ‘War might be compared with war, by expressing total costs as multipliers of pre-war national incomes.’
    • ‘To use the national income tax system to administer local income tax would represent a net saving of at least £300 million.’
    • ‘This is 1.1 per cent of the gross national incomes of the high-income countries, which totals $27,732 billion.’
    • ‘A very small percentage of the population earns more than 60 percent of the national income.’
    • ‘Blacks make up 78 percent of the population but earned just 43 percent of the national income last year.’
    • ‘GNP is also a measure of national incomes to all factors of production (land, labour, and capital) and of total spending (consumption plus gross investment).’


national income

/ˈnaSHənl/ /ˈnæʃənl/ /ˈnaSHnəl ˈinˌkəm/ /ˈnæʃnəl ˈɪnˌkəm/ /ˈiNGˌkəm/ /ˈɪŋˌkəm/