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national monument

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  • A historic site or geographical area set aside by a national government and maintained for public use.

    ‘The site became a Dutch national monument in 1990.’
    • ‘Drive over the Bridge of Lions to visit Castillo de San Marcos national monument.’
    • ‘Visit this 130-square-mile national monument during the winter months and you'll be guaranteed plenty of elbowroom.’
    • ‘It's rather ironic because the bridge was actually built by stonemasons from Korcula, so in a way it is a Croatian national monument.’
    • ‘In addition Roosevelt established the US's first national park, in Florida, in 1903 and first national monument, in Wyoming, in 1906.’
    • ‘Railway track and sleepers from the notorious wartime Burma Railway have been offloaded from a Royal Navy frigate in preparation for their inclusion in a new national monument.’
    • ‘In 1978, Jimmy Carter set aside 17 national monuments in Alaska, encompassing 56 million acres of public land.’
    • ‘In relation to national monuments and historic properties, the most expensive site to maintain last year was Kilmainham Gaol, Dublin.’
    • ‘Our route takes in four national parks and nearly a dozen national monuments, recreation areas, and state parks; it ranges 10,000 feet in elevation, from desert to above timberline.’
    • ‘The project was made up of a mixture of structural walls and embankments, with special attention paid to conservation areas and national monuments.’
    • ‘A national monument and a wilderness area in that state, as well as a glacier and a mountain in Alaska, pay tribute to the nature-defender.’
    • ‘While critics complain that some of these areas don't merit national monument status, Watson is quick to leap to the defense of the parks.’
    • ‘The six sites within the national monument were part of an extensive agricultural community on the mesa, where corn and other crops grew.’
    • ‘There is a Supreme Court injunction barring further work on the site as the High Court considers whether the site is a national monument.’
    • ‘Here, one of the most rapidly industrializing areas of the country, reformers lobbied local, state, and federal governments to set aside national monuments.’
    • ‘Queen's Park is one of the first parks of its kind in the world to be set aside as a national monument.’
    • ‘The Antiquities Act of 1906 gives the U.S. President the executive authority to set aside objects of historic or scientific interest as national monuments.’
    • ‘Visitors to Rome may be asked to contribute to the upkeep of the Eternal City as cash-strapped officials seek new ways to maintain crumbling national monuments.’
    • ‘We may be the only race of Americans who have not demanded of our government a national monument to the historical suffering of its people - on this soil, in this land.’
    • ‘There are some 250,000 sites protected under the register of national monuments, many hiding important and valuable items, such as coins, bracelets, crosses and stone carvings.’