Definition of national treasure in English:

national treasure


  • An artifact, institution, or public figure regarded as being emblematic of a nation's cultural heritage or identity.

    ‘smugglers and drug traffickers are on the verge of ruining some of our national treasures’
    • ‘Either way, she is swiftly becoming a grandee of the art establishment, not to say a national treasure.’
    • ‘Trevor, the stainless guy, is a national treasure.’
    • ‘Decades of foreign holidays have left Britons increasingly shaky about details of their own national treasures, according to a survey released today.’
    • ‘Whatever the reason, Kathy Burke is a national treasure.’
    • ‘The fight to keep the locomotive in Britain is only the latest chapter in the 81-year history of the national treasure.’
    • ‘Their special guest next Friday is John Ottway, a national treasure.’
    • ‘The former World Cup winner is just realising the perils of being a national treasure!’
    • ‘In summary, the Naval War College is a national treasure.’
    • ‘The old Muir, in contrast, tended to think of wild nature in terms of a few spectacular national treasures.’
    • ‘For all of its flaws, the New York Times is a national treasure.’
    • ‘We don't need to plough up our national treasures for some temporary construction jobs.’
    • ‘Martha Henry is a great actress, a national treasure, the first lady of Canadian theatre, etc.’
    • ‘Flamenco dance legend Antonio Canales, a Spanish national treasure, plays a Roma clan leader mourning the death of his daughter.’
    • ‘Finally, Gordon Parks, a national treasure, will be featured in a special exhibition at the show.’
    • ‘Nicola is a national treasure following her role in Shortland Street.’
    • ‘Being a national treasure in two countries is pretty cool, even for an Old Etonian.’
    • ‘Sir David Attenborough, he won't thank me one bit for saying, is a national treasure.’
    • ‘In communities near the panda reserves, schoolchildren are taught the importance of preserving these national treasures.’
    • ‘Still on the subject of conservation, I am afraid we will have to slap a preservation order on one of our national treasures.’
    • ‘I am excited about helping to lead an organization that I believe is a national treasure.’