Definition of native speaker in English:

native speaker


  • A person who has spoken the language in question from earliest childhood.

    ‘native speakers of English’
    • ‘Grammar books are not needed for the native speaker because the native speaker has the grammar already in his or in her head.’
    • ‘That's a language with several thousand native speakers alive now who you can go and speak to any time you like.’
    • ‘Students in the programs usually include some native English speakers and native speakers of another language.’
    • ‘Paradoxically, however, native speakers of a language are not usually troubled by such matters.’
    • ‘Immigrant children can speak other languages with a native speaker's fluency and an insider's grasp of the culture.’
    • ‘The fact that more people can speak English is also not necessarily good news for native speakers who cannot speak other languages as well.’
    • ‘It presents a selection of stories and songs from thirty-one North American indigenous traditions translated by both native speakers and language experts.’
    • ‘Where possible, organizers should themselves be native speakers of those languages, better yet, restaurant workers from those countries.’
    • ‘Interviews were tape recorded and transcribed by professional transcriptionists who were native speakers in the languages used in the study.’
    • ‘There is no doubt that native speakers of a language have a feel for its nuances, are comfortable using its idiomatic expressions, and speak it fluently.’
    • ‘The second generation, as native speakers of the local language, are often the interpreters and intermediaries between the family and the outside world.’
    • ‘The extent to which the native speakers of the language do not perform well on these instruments calls their validity into question.’
    • ‘She is put in an alienated and marginalized situation when she has to learn English as a second language among the native speakers.’
    • ‘Today, Mandarin Chinese is well established as the world's largest language in terms of native speakers.’
    • ‘Australia's large number of native speakers of languages other than English has dwindled in recent times.’
    • ‘It seems to me that if you're keen on helping a child acquire language at the earliest possible age, they should be exposed to speech by native speakers of that language.’
    • ‘Whether the so-called native speakers are true language instructors or not, doesn't matter very much.’
    • ‘In the initial coding, native speakers in each language transcribed the count sequences on the videotapes.’
    • ‘It also says that Mandarin Chinese is the language with the most native speakers in the world.’
    • ‘I wonder if I could find a native speaker of the language.’
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native speaker

/ˈnādiv ˈspēkər/ /ˈneɪdɪv ˈspikər/