Definition of natural birth in English:

natural birth


  • A vaginal birth, especially without medical intervention such as pain-relieving medication.

    ‘a growing number of mothers are opting for a natural birth for their babies’
    • ‘the team has introduced a range of initiatives to support and promote natural birth’
    • ‘Not all of us have the option in having a natural birth.’
    • ‘I for one was very fortunate to have had two beautiful natural births.’
    • ‘A lot of us wanted natural births and they just didn't happen.’
    • ‘Critics suggest mothers in more affluent areas request the operations to avoid the experience of natural birth.’
    • ‘She is planning a natural birth for her baby but does not know if it will be a girl or a boy, sources have said.’
    • ‘She wanted a natural birth and she was so happy she was able to have one.’
    • ‘It is standard practice in a lot of European private clinics to pay for a five-day stay even when you have a natural birth.’
    • ‘The 38-year-old had a Caesarean booked for two weeks later but barely made it to hospital in time for the natural birth.’
    • ‘"I'd wanted a natural birth in a water pool but ended up having a Caesarean section instead," she added.’
    • ‘Fear is the biggest inhibitor of natural birth.’