Definition of natural disaster in English:

natural disaster

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  • A natural event such as a flood, earthquake, or hurricane that causes great damage or loss of life.

    ‘the number of people suffering food crises as a result of natural disasters has tripled in the last thirty years’
    • ‘The step-by-step recovery plan aims to help people afflicted by natural disasters regain financial balance.’
    • ‘Natural disasters shouldn't stand in the way of your business.’
    • ‘The flood was considered one of the greatest natural disasters of the century.’
    • ‘A feature of natural disasters in developing countries is that the magnitude of the disaster seems to be amplified.’
    • ‘The 8th century was a period of crisis for the empire, assaulted externally and devastated internally by a series of natural disasters.’
    • ‘When we are confronted with massive natural disasters, our own feelings of inadequacy are almost inevitable.’
    • ‘Typically, after a natural disaster, the owners of damaged property will file a claim with their insurance company.’
    • ‘The famines were natural disasters caused by successive years of rainfall failure, but they were exacerbated by other factors.’
    • ‘Electric crews face many hazards after natural disasters.’
    • ‘With property damage expected to exceed $100 billion, this will easily go down as the worst natural disaster in the nation's history.’
    • ‘When a natural disaster occurs somewhere in the world and people want to help, we'll provide information and an immediate way to contribute.’