Definition of natural historian in English:

natural historian


See natural history

‘A prolific letter writer, Blanche would send letters off to ornithologists, natural historians and horticulturists around the world, asking for and giving advice.’
  • ‘Baker claims, ‘The theory of natural selection… postulates a causal relation wholly unappreciated by natural historians before Darwin.’’
  • ‘When you read the eighteenth-century natural historians, they talk about clothing and beards and skin color all in the same paragraph.’
  • ‘Quite frankly, the explanations from natural historians, folklorists and fossil experts are as strange as Kipling's fictional accounts.’
  • ‘What was reassuring about our guide was that he knew what each bird ate and about their habitats as well as being a competent natural historian.’
  • ‘The University's first professor of natural history had trained some of the most notable natural historians of the nineteenth century.’