Definition of natural theology in English:

natural theology


  • Theology or knowledge of God based on observed facts and experience apart from divine revelation.

    ‘In the past most biblical theologians decried philosophy and natural theology as alien to the spirit of the Bible and maintained that the avoidance of these assumptions was necessary to biblical theology.’
    • ‘The tradition of natural theology so central to Catholicism means that conclusions based on revelation and those stemming from secular reason and empirical evidence are expected to converge.’
    • ‘Some mainstream religious thinkers, especially those influenced by the famous Swiss theologian Karl Barth, want nothing to do with natural theology either.’
    • ‘Above all, the eighteenth century was regarded as an age of Enlightenment in which faith and superstition gradually gave way to reason, revelation to natural theology, and intolerance to tolerance.’
    • ‘Nor can an appeal to natural theology help us unless it is rescued from its current insularity with respect to doctrinal theology.’
    • ‘Our disagreements begin with any shift from the God of natural theology to the God of a Revelation.’
    • ‘She argued that natural theology backfired, because it led to deism.’
    • ‘This type of natural theology, as it became known, originated as a systematic study in medieval times, but reached its peak amongst English scientists in the seventeenth century.’
    • ‘Whatever else might be said about the Enlightenment, it's rather obvious that the advocates of intelligent design are the philosophical heirs to the period's natural theology.’
    • ‘According to natural theology, a set of convictions much touted in children's reading, God's existence can be deduced from the wondrous design of his creation.’
    • ‘The natural theology of the 17th and 18th centuries stood upon the belief that growing scientific knowledge would reveal more evidence of God's providential design.’
    • ‘A great deal of what Darwin is arguing against is the position of natural theology - that all species were created at one time and that species is a fact, not an idea.’
    • ‘He did argue, however, that natural theology is impossible.’


natural theology

/ˈnaCH(ə)rəl THēˈäləjē/ /ˈnætʃ(ə)rəl θiˈɑlədʒi/